feature article: What Exactly Is a Fiduciary?

“When making investment decisions, Americans come across plenty of unfamiliar terms and murky concepts. In addition to the investments themselves, the financial services industry is replete with its own vernacular and jargon.

One word that’s bandied about is “fiduciary.” A fiduciary manages another party’s assets and has a legal and ethical obligation to put the other party’s interests first.”

US News, December 2015

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The new fiduciary rule is a controversial topic. As positive as it may be for the participant, the financial industry is left sorting through the regulation to comply with the new requirements. Many are confused, concerned, and unsure if they want to continue servicing retirement plans. Fiduciary Wise can help navigate the maze of requirements by working with the compliance department of the Broker-Dealer.

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It is possible to delegate fiduciary responsibility to a professional firm. Fiduciary Wise can accept the responsibility and ensures the safety, quality and efficiency of your retirement plan.

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Fiduciary Wise protects plan sponsors and plan participants. Sponsors no longer shoulder most of the fiduciary responsibility and liability and participant’s plans are administered properly.

Kathy Walker, Third Party Administer at Simpkins & Associates


We are helping the financial industry and plan sponsors across the country ensure that their plans are managed correctly while taking the fiduciary burden away from them. This allows the plan sponsor and other service providers to focus on what they do best. We will take the legal responsibility for the administration of the plan.

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