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According to a March, 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, 51% employees of small businesses with less than 100 workers do not have access to a qualified retirement plan. The main deterrent mentioned by Employers is the expense of setting up and maintaining the Plan.

The good news – MEPs and PEPs are almost always less expensive than individual retirement Plans.

If you are an individual Employer, an investment advisor, or a service provider, use of a MEP or PEP is a win/win for both Participants, and the Employer.

We have Plan’s available you can join today. If you would like a more customized Plan, we can set one up according to your specifications. We at Fiduciary Wise have been sponsoring and running MEPs for many years.

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Pooled Employer Plan (PEP); or Multiple Employer Plan (MEP)?

Which is best?

The SECURE Act of 2019, generally effective January 1, 2021, created the PEP. However, both “Closed” and “Open” MEPs have been around for years; and the SECURE Act did not get rid of the MEP. Thus, Employers are still faced with the same question, “Which is best?”

Some are MEPs open to the participants of ANY Employer. Others are more restrictive. We also set up PEPs.

Which is best? It depends; they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are just some of the advantages of the Fiduciary Wise PEPs AND MEPs –

  • Our MEPs have been previously reviewed, and accepted, by the Department of Labor;
  • We serve as the Plan Sponsor, Named Fiduciary, and Plan Administrator. Employers typically hold these fiduciary positions. Employer delegate virtually all their fiduciary risk to us;
  • We represent you, and your participants, in all Department of Labor investigations, IRS audits, and participant claims;
  • We can provide your participants custom investment models, via an outside independent 3(38) fiduciary Investment Manager;
  • We prepare, and maintain, your Plan’s Investment Policy Statement (IPS);
  • We almost always only offer only institutional Share Class Mutual Funds; with no 12(b)-1 fees, (aka Revenue Sharing);
  • We oversee pricing by all service providers to determine fee “reasonableness”;
  • We sign all legal documents, including all vendor service agreements, as well as the annual IRS 5500 Series Form;
  • We prepare, and moderate, semi-annual Pension Administrative Committee (PAC) meetings for all Adopting Employers. We then prepare formal Minutes, and retain all relevant records;
  • We offer only “open-architecture” investment platforms; thus few, if any, investment restrictions.

As you can see…..the use of a Fiduciary Wise MEP or PEP allows the Employer to concentrate on what he or she knows best…..running their company!

Let us show you how easy it is to set up.

Compare our MEPs to any other.

Considering our commitment to efficiency, quality, and safety, we believe our solutions to be meaningfully better – and we’re confident that you’ll agree.