Advantages of An Independent 401(k) Plan Fiduciary in Denver area

If you’re looking for independent fiduciary advice for your business and your 401(k) or ERISA 403(b) Plan, you’ll want to partner with an entity that has received high marks across the board. At Fiduciary Wise, we are required by law to put the needs of your participants first. As an independent fiduciary in the Denver area, we can help you make the proper fiduciary decisions for your employee/participants in the months and years ahead.

Clients who are searching for assistance with ERISA 402(a) in the Denver area can rely on us for a range of issues. In addition to taking on virtually all your fiduciary risk, in writing, we provide you and your Plan Committee members ongoing fiduciary training, as well serve as Moderator for each semi-annual Committee meeting.

We follow a code of ethics that requires us to disclose all relevant material information. After all, we work directly for you as the Plan Sponsor/Employer. If you benefit, we benefit. Our fees are “flat-fees” and do not automatically grow as your plan’s assets increase.

We prepare a formal Agenda for each Committee Meeting, store all relevant Minutes and maintain all relevant records in our cyber-protected database; just in case you are audited by the federal government or sued by a disgruntled employee.

We then supply you a Certificate of Compliance at the close of each Plan Year. That way you have assurance of meeting ERISA’s required “Highest Standards”.

If you are looking for someone to help you properly discharge your 401(k) fiduciary responsibilities, you will, of course, want to partner with an entity that is independent We offer no other retirement-plan-related services, so we present no potential Conflicts-of-Interest. You will receive a virtual in-person report of all your plan’s issues every six months. We see no other 402(a) fiduciaries in the marketplace offering such comprehensive services.