Benefits of an ERISA Fiduciary Near You

Under ERISA, Plan Fiduciaries, typically Employer/Plan Sponsor employees, are charged with authority over your Plan’s management. Plan fiduciaries include the Plan administrator under §3(16) of ERISA, Plan Trustees under §403 of ERISA, and the Plan Committee under §402(a) of ERISA. Our primary role in overseeing your Plan is acting in the sole interest of your participants and beneficiaries. Here is everything you need to know about ERISA fiduciary near you.

Our team reads and follows your Plan Document’s terms and conditions so that ERISA’s “Highest Standards” are met. We are totally independent, thus avoiding any conflict of interest. This means we have no ownership of, nor affiliation with, any other retirement-related company.

We conduct our functions by analyzing your retirement Plan Document and working closely with your Plan’s other vendors to identify any red flags before they become a problem with your participants, or the federal government. Our documentation procedures ensure best practices in managing your Plans so you can be assured to be in compliance with ever-changing federal rules and Regulations. Our in-house experts not only participate physically with your Plan Committee meeting, but we also set up the agenda, facilitate the actual meeting, and then document the meeting through formal Minutes. This will not only save you time, but also protect you from any possible questions from a disgruntled employee, or federal regulators, down the road.

We have been in the retirement Plan industry for a long time. Our experience will put you in the best position to “do right” by your employees and participants. We also stand between you and any problems that may arise, thus allowing you to do what you do best; run your business!.

Our experts strive daily to stay up-to-date. This fact alone reduces your responsibilities and risk. This is why we think you and your employees would benefit greatly by hiring Fiduciary Wise, LLC. Give us a call at 888-402-9473, Ext. 406 for queries and appointments. Or visit our website at