Fiduciary Wise Welcomes New Partner, Marta Hurst, QKA

Fiduciary Wise is pleased to announce Marta Hurst, QKA®, as a new partner!

With over 17 years of industry expertise, Marta Hurst has become the newest partner at Fiduciary Wise. She has worked with Financial Advisors and business owners to consult on a variety of qualified plan matters. Hurst uses her knowledge of retirement plans as well as plan sponsor goals to provide meaningful design recommendations, plan feature alternatives and fiduciary outsourcing options.

Marta Hurst is a dedicated member of the Fiduciary Wise team and is passionate about our mission to help Plan Sponsors ensure their 401(k) or ERISA-403(b) Plan is managed correctly, allowing Plan Sponsors to concentrate on what they do best—running their business.

Fiduciary Wise is fortunate to have such a capable and brilliant leader join our team. We appreciate you for your warm welcome towards Marta and your continued support of all of us here at Fiduciary Wise. Thank you for trusting us with your business.


Marta Hurst, QKA. Partner and Director of Fiduciary Governance at Fiduciary Wise.

888.402.WISE (9473) Ext. 406.

Direct: 602.975.0282