Hughes v. Northwestern Univ.

You may have been following the recent U.S. Supreme Court Case, Hughes v. Northwestern Univ. The outcome of this groundbreaking case is so important to breakdown and you know Jackie and Don have a lot to say on the topic but we want to hear your thoughts too! Let us know what you think by commenting on our latest episode. Do you agree with the outcome of the case? What does the case outcome mean for your business going forward?

“Two Nerds” features Jackie Reeves, the Managing Director at Bell Rock Capital, a registered investment firm, and Don Jones, the Founder and a current partner at Fiduciary Wise, an ERISA Plan Fiduciary Firm. Both Jackie and Don were awarded a BCF™ (Board Certified Fiduciary™) designation from The Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries.

In the previous episode, Don and Jackie get nerdy about ERISA 402(a). Watch the previous episode here.

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