Introducing 2 Nerds Geeking Out!

We are so pleased to announce our new web series, 2 Nerds Geeking Outwith Don Jones and Jackie Reeves! In this first installment, we interview Clint Cannon, President of Cannon Capital Management.

We appreciate your support of our original series, Two Fiduciary Nerds Disturbing the Peace. Now, in addition to our first show, we are excited to provide you with double the value while we interview additional industry experts and leaders in 2 Nerds Geeking Out.

You can find 2 Nerds Geeking Out on YouTube. We will regularly be posting “Geeking Out” on the third week of each month. Next month we will be interviewing Tony Michael from Future Benefits of America.

Tell us your thoughts and ask us your questions! Comment on our video and let’s discuss.