Let’s Get Nerdy Over Risk Adjusted Return

Fiduciary Wise, in partnership with Bell Rock Capital, has released the anticipated second episode in their brand-new video series. “Two Fiduciary Nerds Disturbing the Peace” is a monthly webisode diving into thought-provoking subjects in the investment and financial industry.

“Two Nerds” features Jackie Reeves, the Managing Director at Bell Rock Capital, a registered investment firm, and Don Jones, the Founder and a current partner at Fiduciary Wise, an ERISA Plan Fiduciary Firm. Both Jackie and Don were awarded a BCF™ (Board Certified Fiduciary™) designation from The Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries.

In the previous episode, Don and Jackie discussed managing a portfolio for the core fund inside a qualified plan. In this second episode, they get nerdy about Risk Adjusted Return.

Risk Adjusted Return levels the playing field among investments by factoring risk to execute return and examines the question, ‘what is the incremental cost versus the incremental adjusted return?’ Let’s dive deep and learn a little more!

This episode includes an excellent example of how Don teaches this concept to his young grand children and Jackie tells us why Risk Adjusted Return is so important to understand. The “Two Nerds” also discuss how fiduciaries are required by ERISA to have certain responsibilities. Why must we do it this way? Because it just makes sense.

You can find the series on YouTube. Two Nerds will be published on the Fiduciary Wise YouTube channel once a month! Watch the latest episode below and don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel.

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